NBC 5 Chicago: The Rundown NBC 5 Chicago: The Rundown

NBC 5 Chicago: The Rundown

The Rundown is a weekly news recap designed to give swiping a whole new meaning. This digitally-designed newscast brings local news highlights to your social media feeds- all in two minutes or less. With a greater focus on the headlines close to home, this lively show provides our audience tailor-made stories they can interact with.

Viewers have an opportunity to not only share their opinions via polls and meters but to get more from each story with links to in-depth content. Catered graphics, moving images, video footage and text, all presented by an engaging host, help keep viewers both captivated and informed. From the stories you’ll be discussing with your friends to the ones that impact your day-to-day life, this hyper-local program is bringing the news to multiple platforms and new audiences in a unique and exciting way.